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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The IPL Trophy and other monstrosities

Lalit Modi recently unveiled this trophy for the Indian Premier League. It has been crafted by Orra.

It's a monstrosity.

Bizdom tells us the trophy has:

2,554 round and baguette diamonds weighing 68.77 carats, 4,500 yellow sapphires weighing 218.55 carats, blue sapphires weighing 986 carats and 8 rubies weighing 248.70 carats have been used. The gold weight of the statue is 691.15 grams.
The gaudiness of the trophy is perhaps bettered by the corniness of the concept:

Yellow and blue sapphires make up the map of India signifying the passion for the DLF Indian Premier League that has captured the imagination of the entire nation, while the rubies on the map highlight the eight franchises and cities in which the matches are being played.

The border of the Indian map and the league is highlighted in diamonds, to signify the added dazzle that the league has brought to the game of cricket.
Sursuri scrounged the net and put together a small list of weird trophies.

Here's Mahela Jayawardene all smiles with his prize — the trophy for the home Test series against England.

And here's tennis player Agustin Calleri... with a portable shower?

And here's the lovely prize given to the winners of the Chicago International Documentary Festival Grand Prix.

Presenting the winner and runner-up of the Acapulco Pear Eating Competition. Sorry, we meant Acapulco International Tennis.

Golfer Christie Kerr really seems to like her prize...

... but the clear winner is Novak Djokovic's prize — a luscious, translucent, rosy nipple?.

Honorable mention: The Border-Gavaskar Trophy, which Sachin Tendulkar held aloft in 1996. If someone can find a picture of that, please contact us.

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Ajay said...

Hilarious man!

Anam said...

Ha ha ha!

Sanjay said...

Times of India carried a similar photo of Warne the next day.

Anonymous said...

Thats one seriously ugly trophy.
~ Harneet

Australopithecus said...


Kanishkaa said...

even the 1996 world cup trophy was a monster

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 1996 Border-Gavaskar trophy, here is a cricinfo page which shows it in full glory