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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dummy's Guide to Sursuri.com

What on earth is 'sursuri'?

Sursuri is a native Indian term for 'shooter' — a ball in cricket that crawls along the pitch and is practically unplayable.

So what has that got to with this blog?

Sursuri hosts a sports quiz twice a month. Each quiz edition has one question that borders on being unplayable.

Great! I love sports quizzes. Can I play too?

Of course. We do two quizzes a month. You can keep track of quiz announcements with our email alerts.

What are the quiz rules?

Here you go.

What else does this blog do?

You could read our articles:

  • Juice — the inside stuff
  • Sportoids — Sport trivia from the archives
  • Reviews — where Sursuri writers review all
    things sport

    Does Sursuri have an online community?

    Yes. We invite you to join Sursuri on Facebook and Orkut.

    I want to write an article or post a photo or a video on your blog. Where can I send it?

    We welcome readers to send their contributions to sursuriblog@gmail.com. However, we hold the right to accept or reject contributions.

    Can I copy Sursuri's articles and put them on my blog?

    We do not encourage copying. However, you are welcome to use excerpts from us as long as you provide a full hyperlink back to the original post.

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