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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sursuri Cricket Quiz—1

Get your stance right, adjust the box, hold the bat tight and prepare to take on that vicious Sursuri. Here comes our first cricket quiz. Are you ready for it?

Before you proceed, read the rules and the Dummy's Guide.

Results and names of top scorers would be announced shortly before the next quiz, in two weeks.

What is your full name?

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What is your current age in years?

Which Test cricket-playing team do you support?

Ok. You're done registering.
Now get ready for the quiz.
Here goes!

An easy one to start with. Which batsman hit the most sixes in the last World Cup?

Born in Ootacamund, where his father was a tea planter, this cricketer was so named to give him the same initials as cricket’s most famous club.

If Allan Donald was called White Lightening, which South African was also known as Black Thunder?

Which stadium is known as “The Bullring” for its electric and sometimes intimidating atmosphere?

Who is the only New Zealand captain to have positive win-loss records in both Tests and ODIs?

Robin Uthappa’s 86 against England in the Indore one-dayer in the 2006 home series is the highest score by an Indian on debut. Who held the record previously?

This cricket ground was originally a lake which, it was intended, should be made into an inner harbour. However, an earthquake turned the lake into a swamp and the local cricketers, who had lost their own ground because of the quake, asked if they could make one out of the swamp – the permission for which was granted. Identify the ground.

Which England cricketer is affectionately known as Banger for his love of sausages?

Vernon Royle, The Mackinnon of Mackinnon and Tom Emmett were dismissed in succession by The Demon Bowler during the Sydney Test of the 1879 England tour of Australia. It was the first Test hat-trick. The question is simple. Name the bowler.

Here comes the Sursuri question.
Watch out!

During the Second World War, this former England cricketer was commissioned into the Royal Berkshire Regiment and served with distinction in both France and India.

We're through with the quiz!

On a scale of 1 to 10—1 being the easiest—how would you rate this quiz in terms of difficulty?

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